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Most of our target lines are sloped (rather than horizontal or flat), so our price targets are adjusted each week by the fixed amount of that rising or falling slope. This is why one should check for updated targets regularly, particularly as price nears the target line.

Our internal guideline is to limit our single position size to less than 20% of our total portfolio, but it depend on the type of position. With currencies and certain commodities or with positions where we have very high conviction we may go higher. However, we don’t recommend position sizes greater than 10% to anyone other than the most risk-tolerant.

SEC regulations prohibit us from giving personal investment advice. We specifically do not make investment recommendations for the very reason that we do not know your individual circumstances or your individual investment goals. We make investment decisions that are appropriate for our investment strategy and we publish that information for educational purposes only – i.e. to alert you to opportunities that you may not be aware of. Our commentaries, trade alerts, and portfolio positions should never be interpreted as personal investment advice. You should speak with a financial advisor before acting on any investment ideas you see on our site or elsewhere.

We can’t recommend brokers but there are many to choose from. We recommend comparing them based upon your account size, commission costs, and data fees.

Some of our option strategies are advanced and/or complex. We do NOT recommend anyone who is unfamiliar with options to attempt these strategies. A good guide to options trading can be found here.

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