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Gold Bottom Call

A risk free alert service for gold’s upcoming bear market bottom.

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(Recommended for Individual and Professional Investors.)

Model Portfolio & Trade Log

Follow along in real-time as we trade the 30 different markets in our coverage.

Live Blog

We provide ongoing trade commentary throughout the day. You’ll know what markets we are watching, the trades for which we are preparing, and the conditions under which we execute those trades, such as stop levels and expected holding time.

Weekly Update

Each weekend we’ll email you our Weekly Update newsletter, which details the big picture we see developing in our coverage universe and the macro movements we project for the coming week. Click here to view an example weekly update.

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Demeter Research and DNA Investor Subscriptions
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Receive every feature listed above for a Standard Subscription.

Our Medium and Long-Term Charts

This is a must for professionals that need to plan out strategies that maximize returns. Having visual access to our charts allows portfolio managers to individually track major target lines for both bull market tops and bear market bottoms.

Chart Commentary, COT Analysis, and Continuous Tracking of Target Bottoms and Tops

Know where bull and bear markets will begin and end, with a margin of error under 1% in most cases. Our chart commentary plus COT analysis allows subscribers to choose which markets have the most upside, implement the best trading strategy, and plan for intermediate and long-term market turning points.

One on One Consultations

Chart subscribers have the option to schedule consultations with Matt by phone for up to 30 minutes each week, without additional charge.


Access to Charts for 30 Macro Markets
Nothing Held Back - Full Market Analysis
Personal Technical Interpretations and One-on-One Consults